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Services - Contact Lenses
Our practice welcomes the "Difficult to Fit" wearer. At Greer Family Eyecare Center we have the diagnostic instrumentation and highly trained technicians to help our patients find contact lenses that work!
  • You'll receive a thorough eye exam including specialized contact lens tests
  • All brands available such as Acuvue, CIBA, B&L, and Coopervision
  • Specialty lenses to fit bifocal wearers, toric for astigmatism, monovision and tinted lenses
  • We're often among the first in the nation to offer new lens designs that cannot be found at all optical outlets

If you've been told you can't wear contact lenses, give us a call and talk with our contact lens specialists! The majority of people needing vision correction can wear contact lenses. New materials and technologies have made today's contacts more comfortable, much safer and easier to wear. Review the following questions and answers to help decide if contacts are an option for you.

Contact lens wear may be difficult if:
Your eyes are irritated or bothered by allergies
You work in an environment with dust or chemicals
You have an overactive thyroid, severe arthritis or uncontrolled diabetes
Your eyes are dry due to pregnancy or medications you are taking

After a thorough eye examination, a determination of your suitability for contact lenses and the best options will be determined by the doctor.

What are the advantages of wearing contact lenses?
Many wearers believe that contact lenses show their eyes better
without the distraction of eyeglasses.
Improved peripheral vision due to the removal of the eyeglass
Better vision correction due to the removal of the distance
between the eye and the eyeglass lens.
No fogging in warm rooms.
No spots during rain showers.
More freedom, since they do not get in the way during sports
and other activities.

What are the disadvantages?
Contact lenses require some adaptation period.
New soft lens wearers typically adjust within a week.
Rigid or hard lenses generally require a longer adjustment period.
Except for some disposable varieties, almost all lenses require
a cleaning and disinfecting regimen.
Some types of lenses make the eye more light sensitive.

Re-order You Contact Lenses at Our Website
You can now conveniently re-order your contact lenses at this website.
Click the "reordercontacts.com" icon above and you can have your lenses delivered to you. Registration is fast and easy! Fill in the information and we take care of the rest.
You can also call our office to re-order your contact lenses and we can have them shipped to you

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