Services - Adult and Pediatric Eye Examinations
Our Comprehensive Vision and Eye Health Exam goes beyond 20/20 to evaluate many important visual skills. You eye examination will include the following:
  • Eye Health - The eye, neural pathways, visual fields and eye pressure are evaluated to determine the presence of glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertension, and other ocular and systemic diseases. Your examination will include a bio-microscopic examination of the outer and inner eye.
  • Refractive Status - Evaluations are made for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and whether glasses and/or contact lenses are necessary. Your vision status will be checked three different ways-computerized autorefraction, retinoscopy, and refraction with patient input.
  • Visual Acuity at Near - Is vision clear and single at close distances? Clear sight at short distances is critical to reading, writing, close work and computer use.
  • Visual Efficiency - Evaluations are made for visual tracking, focusing and eye coordination ability to insure maximum performance for school, work, and leisure activities.
  • Eye Teaming Skills and Depth Perception - Do the two eyes aim, move, and work as a coordinated team? Weakness in binocular (two-eyed) vision and eye teaming skills can cause numerous difficulties.
  • Eye Focusing Skills - Do the eyes maintain clear vision at varying distances? Rapid automatic eye focus adjustment is critical to learning, reading, writing, sports, etc. Deficiencies can cause visual fatigue, reduced reading comprehension, and/or avoidance of close work or other activities.
  • Color Vision - Do the eyes see colors normally?

Children’s Eye Care

Greer Family Eyecare Center is a family-oriented healthcare facility. Children of all ages are welcome in our office. Experts agree that a child’s eyes should be regularly examined after age three. Because we gear our eye examination to individual age levels, children find their visit both pleasant and educational.

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