Services - LASIK Surgery Evaluations
Greer Family Eyecare Center is an affiliate of several laser surgical centers. Dr. Greer can determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction and provides pre-operative testing and post-operative follow-up.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice about your vision correction options. With today's state of the art laser technology, amazing results are being achieved. Dr. Greer and his well trained staff will always take the time to fully explain the screening process and the actual LASIK procedure. Many patients notice a dramatic improvement in their vision within the first 24 hours after the surgery was performed. The majority of LASIK patients are able to pass a drivers' test and perform most of their daily activities without the need for their glasses or contacts. LASIK is an outpatient procedure taking approximately 15 minutes per eye and is usually performed in the doctors' surgical suite. Patients may return to their normal activities within a couple days.

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